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Jo draws upon 25 years experience in the Queensland events industry to deliver a range of capacity building workshops for event managers and committees - both in person and on-line.

Some of her most popular workshop topics include:


Designing an Event Experience your audience will remember


Meeting the expectations of your event attendees is integral to maintaining and growing your event audience. This session delves into the aspects of event design and planning that are essential to delivering an unforgettable event experience.  

I’m Responsible for What?! – An overview of your responsibilities as an Event Manager

This session guides event managers through the event planning process, from the development of a project plan, through planning and delivery to the final debrief report, busting a few myths along the way.  It focuses on the responsibilities shouldered by the event manager, compliancy and provides practical tips.


A Guide to developing a Best Practice Event Management Plan

This session digs deeper into event documentation and why it is a must for every event. Workshop attendees will be stepped through the development of an Event Management Plan including the key documents that form the plan.  Example documents and templates are provided for attendees to take away to apply to their own events.

Other workshop topics include:

  • Funding your event - this session explores available grant funding, how to approach event sponsorship and generating other sources of event income

  • Risk Management - this session is all about mitigating risk at your event and attendees will be guided through the risk management process

  • Connecting your event to your destination - this session explores the needs of the visitor and the importance of delivering on a 'destination' experience

Jo also regularly teams up with other event, marketing and media industry experts to deliver a range of topics in an all day Event Bootcamp format.

Please contact Jo if you would like to discuss workshop topics for your next capacity building event.

What Attendees Say

"Jo, you are such a great presenter! Engaging and able to break down the tough topics into a palatable and achievable way plus sparking lots of thought provoking considerations for all event managers."


Anonymous Attendee

2020 workshop series offerred by Ipswich City Council

"The workshop was so well put together, the information was presented well… it was not overwhelming but rather gave you a step by step plan of attack and made it more manageable. All up I found it to be extremely valuable."

Deanne Chetty

Barcaldine Regional Council

"This workshop was AWEsome! For someone like me who does very small events, it was mind blowing… very educational, and professionally done. If you do events, this Workshop is a must attend, for you and your staff."

Marcus Pedro
Queensland Health

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